How to Get a Bigger Bum Using 4 Steps

It is not a secret anymore and maybe it wasn’t all along – women with bigger bum have a very feminine and sensual look. Many actresses and talented singers have it and why not you too? If you are a woman that really cares how she looks and wants to have a bigger bum then here are some great methods that will lead you to the desired result.

Step one – Exercises and posture

Start practicing by finding a suitable routine and an exercise regime that will form your muscles and will build up the mass. All you need to do is to burn up those fats in order to have a round and toned bum. In order to do that, start by doing cardio, your heart and your lungs will be worked out and you get the fat burned.

You can involve even a personal trainer and find a gym where you can feel comfortable to try various strategies that will lead you to have a bigger bum. Make sure that you form everything around a pleasant routine, be confident and start right away.

  • You’ll get a bigger bum also by your posture. For example, if you are walking you can use the sideways position. This will involve a short and fun exercise, so don’t hesitate to try it out. Use one of your legs and pull it away from your body this will lead to work your bum from a different angle. So your bum will be highline.
  • Other strategies that you could try are things like jogging. Keep in mind that this time you’ll have to have an adequate posture that will lead to a good performance with results that are obvious in time. In this case make sure that your heels are the first which touch the ground and not your toes. Repeat these sequences as long as you jog. In the case you walk it is for the best to keep an inclined position.
  • What will help you is an upright bike allowing you to exercise. Working out various types of muscles from your body will get you faster to the result and it will have the wanted effect, rather than working only the muscles that can be found around the bum. In this case you are using your legs so have in mind to push with force on the pedals of your bike. This strategy will stimulate a lot the muscles.
  • If you have time to follow a routine regime of exercises you can try to do squats. These exercises are most known in the world of personal trainers that will recommend you for getting a bigger bum. You can start with holding a pair of dumbbells or with a barbell, this choice depending on your preferences and your style of working out.
  • If your preferences are linked with the dumbbells, then an exercise with them should start like this: hold them in your hands while your feet are slightly wider than of the shoulders width apart. Your knees should now be bending and lined up vertically with the toes but not extended out over your toes. Both of your knees and your toes now angle slightly outward.
  • The next step involves squeezing your glutes and your butt to be lowered. Your knees bend but still not extended beyond the toes, from there your back should be held as tall as you could. Then squat down as your thighs are being parallel with the floor. To raise up your glutes should be more used than your thighs. It is well indicated for this drill to do 8 reps of 2 sets.
  • There are still more other drills such as deadlifts that will allow you to become stronger and to form the muscleswell. In this case you’ll use a barbell and you’ll get to involve various parts of your body such as your shoulders, your back, your hips, legs not to mention the glutes. After a while you can raise up the weights that are being used by adding more.
  • You can as well do front and reverse lunges by using dumbbells, or even leg raise for working out your outer glutes. The exercises are various many of them involving techniques that will lead to get a bigger bum.

Whatever of the exercise drills you choose, make sure that you allow your body to rest. So take at least one day off from your workouts. It is not only you that will need rest: your muscles require it as well. Don’t exaggerate. Your aim is not to shrink them but to make them bigger giving you the appearance that you want- which in this case is a bigger bum.

Step two – Be careful what you eat

There is the so called tip of eating more proteins in many cases like to start eating protein bars, using powders and shakes and other snacks that will include supplements of proteins. This is kind of a fake myth or a legend that is meant not to build up the muscles, but actually to harm your body.

What you need is some good routine of exercise that will lead to the results you have in mind. Your body only requires a good amount of proteins to make it able to function well and respond well. Each extra amount of protein won’t lead you to have more strength but some working out will lead you to be able to increase the exercise routine with obvious results.

For women it will be enough to have two daily servings of 161g, while for men three servings that are equally of 199g are enough. Besides proteins carbs have a word to say. In this case it is indicated to give up to those foods that involve white sugar and go with the brown rice, and beans. These carbs will definitely make you cut off the fat around the midsection leaving your bum to look bigger.

You can consume other carbs that will sculpt your body appearance such as nuts, oats, whole grains and other that will make you have a great look and of course you’ll make a great impression wherever you’ll go.

Of course there are other ways to go by. This will be included according to your body type and the caloric intake which tends to lead deposit fat where it is indicated. For example, if you aim the hips and your butt by upping your calories so that you could have more padding in that area then your choice is the best since you’ll give your butt the aspect of being bigger.

Instead if your target is the midsection or any other part of your body, then the fat stored in those areas will not lead to have a bigger bum. Since it is not an easy thing to do, a restrictive diet will be required.

Step three – What I’m wearing makes a difference

The cloth line is very obvious in many cases and will influence and highlight parts of your body. For women pants are like miracles, wonders, before you buy them make sure that you put on some pairs and by comparison choose the one or more that will make your bum look bigger. Another great example in the fashion line is to wear flared jeans with boot cut or whatever garment and boot or heel wearing that will give an appearance and a great figure of a bigger but.

Your bum will look bigger if you have a pair of jeans with small back pockets or high back pockets or even those that are imprinted with an eye-catching design. This will definitely make your bum look bigger. You should definitely watch out from those jeans that don’t have any pockets or that have big pockets, because they are not meant to highlight your bum and give the illusion that it will be bigger.

It is all about the area where the eyes are drawn to. For example, both the high waist and low waist jeans have their purpose and will leave other with a clear impression of you having a bigger bum. Or you could easily try the padded pants that give the impression of having a bigger bum. The results will be noticed instantly since you’ve started wearing them.

Step four – Treatment

There are various techniques of reshaping and modelling that part of the body that you want to get bigger. For example, a good technique and also a very relaxing one is trying a massage that will reshape your bum with other words an intense lymphatic massage that will be combined with wrapping with algae. This method will lead to making the cellulite be killed as well the water retention removed. Your bum will feel awesome and you’ll have some great results.

Other chances for treatment come with using some of the butt enhancement cream. There are many claims that will lead to a bum increasing size. Yet who knows, the truth is that you won’t know until you try. A safe and yet true option is as mentioned earlier the method of exercise and the loss and gain of your kilograms. So weight definitely influences your bum size and the way you look.

The opinions in using the creams are divided and what is left is your choice of choosing the right and suitable method for you. Or in other cases you can do some research in the area of surgery. The options can be found, you just have to ask for the opinion of a plastic surgeon and his recommendations.

There is a surgery operation that is performed through an implantation of silicone butt implants. Usually the doctor will introduce the silicone implants under the butt muscles. But this option can be very risky as well the increase chances for getting infection not to mention the fact that it is really painful.

Or you can go for the liposuction of fat from the hips, or stomach that then can be injected in your bum. All this body-jet system is performed under a local anaesthetic. These surgical procedures should be considered as one last resource since the risk is really high. Try to live your dream through an adequate diet or through some healthy and balanced routine of exercise.

Try to be opened to various techniques that could really help you and don’t be discouraged. Your body is different from someone else’s due to the genetics. Try to leave according to a positive thoughts and find the right source that will motivate your properly.

Having a bigger bum is a very usual and a very accustomed option that is adopted by many women. Your appearance will always influence the way you think and the way you act and will definitely make a difference for the best once you’ve obtained what you wanted.