How to Get a Bigger Butt in 5 Different Ways

Everybody knows that many women and many men work up and build a perfect body in months and all that sweat and any used ideas are to look great in the clothes they choose to wear, but also in order to gain a healthy life style.

Fashion has always influenced millions of women to get that look as a star has. For example, there are some routine exercises that will help you get and maintain the shape that you’ve always dreamed about. Miracles do happen if you have patience and when you set a goal into your head, nothing will stop you from getting what you want. Find what is suitable and what really works by giving chances to your body to act upon them. Start by performing a routine which involves plenty of exercises and a diet to help with it.

If you want a look like Beyoncé or other stars you admire, then here are some tips that will make your butt look bigger. After all, it is not always about a special diet, or some exercises, which of course have their part too, but it is also about the art of deceiving where people are less expecting and you can easily give the impression of having a bigger butt.

Here are some tricks that will help you achieve a remarkable and unforgotten shape. There is no science for a small butt to get bigger, the right wearing of the clothes, the weight and the position of your body will contribute a lot to this amazing transformation.

  1. Your body – the walk

big buttWhen it comes to having a bigger butt, the position of your body is important, as well as the way you walk. If you want to attract the looks of many men on that part of your body start by changing your walk. You can easily follow this pattern that will make you obtain the right position for your butt. For example, try to throw your shoulders back so that it will all align later with the other parts of your body. Arching your lower back will get you one step closer into letting people know that you’ve got a bigger butt and at the same time will make your torso look slimmer.

This technique is used by models a lot and all you have to do is follow their style in order to find the right balance for your walking. For example, use your imagination and create in your mind a straight line that runs on the ground in front of you and find the right location just beneath your belly button and in the center between your two feet. This parameters will help you form and determine the right position of your body to give the impression of a more prominent butt.

After you’ve figured out how to keep the right position of the body, start to practice this drill of walking on the imaginary straight line. For instance, without any hesitation, keep in mind that your first step is as important as your second step, so when you walk and you take a step make sure that your foot will move towards the center of your body. With this achieved, place it down on the imaginary line, after this try the same thing with the other foot by putting it down directly in front of the other on the line.

Practice by walking like this: one foot in front of the other on the line and don’t forget to clench the glutes (your body muscles), this allowing you to have that shape that you always wanted.

  1. Work out for bigger butt

bigger butt exercises Another step to follow is linked strictly with the muscles on your butt also known as the glutes, you now form a routine of exercises that will help you in getting a rounder and larger butt. If you want faster results, here are some three times a week exercises.

For example, you can start with some full squats while you stand erect with position of your feet about the shoulder and your arms should be extended in front of you. Bend your knees so that you might form a ninety degree angle and at the same time keep your back straight and then rise up. Continue to work out on three set drills and with repeating them for like twenty times.

Other exercises that will help you work the butt muscles are focused mainly on the feet, the shoulders and the back. Working out various parts of your body will give you the expected result much earlier than working on one. The results will be noticed in no time. You could try as well lunges, butt bridges and also kickbacks.

Another method that will make your butt look bigger is to make your belly tighter and it will be smaller than your butt. For this you just have to work on the core of your body. There are certain exercises that will help you get what you want. For example, you can try some leg raises also known as leg lifts, in which you work out the abs and not the legs as many will think.

You should just lie down in a flat position and on your back and try to keep your legs in a stretched position in front of you. Bend them and then raise them, but at the same time keep your toes pointed. Straighten them as they point out the ceiling and then slowly lower your legs to reach at about one inch of the floor. This exercise should be repeated five times with a pause of thirty seconds.

You could also try some other technique, such as the twist crunches that will allow you to work your abs as well and tighten your belly.

  1. Having a bigger butt with exercises

how to have a bigger buttIf you want for your buttock muscles to be round and larger and your feet to be built up, here are some sports that will offer what you want and will keep you in a healthy life style.

The best for this type of requirement are sports that will work out those parts such as:

  • running
  • swimming
  • volleyball
  • soccer
  • skating
  • skiing
  • cycling
  • tennis
  • other sports that will guarantee exact results
  1. Your clothes

Other major changes can be seen when you are wearing the right clothes, this implying the right pants and the right blouses or dresses. Let’s start with the pants, the jeans are of essence when you want to give the impression of a bigger butt. For instance, when you go to buy a pair of pants, keep in mind the following tricks.

girl buttAlways buy skinny jeans or leggings – they will make your butt very visible and they will point to it. If you don’t feel comfortable with this idea, you can always choose some pair of regular jeans but with a fitted rear.

For a larger butt you’ll need those pants that have small but high back pockets. Instead avoid those without any pockets or with small pockets. The eyes of people are many times directed to those pockets that have colored threads or stitching or other things that will draw attention to the butt.

You could try the high-waist jeans as well that will bring a look of a bigger butt and a small and slim waist. The shoes also play a decisive and important part when it comes to your body parts. It is well-known that the heels change the curve of your spine, making your butt and your boobs to be brought out more.

If you have doubts, do this small exercise and get in front of a mirror. Stand on your tiptoes and just take a few steps, you’ll quickly notice how your rear and your legs have more exaggerated movements. Your butt will appear to be one or two inches higher.

  1. Surgical procedures for a bigger butt

get a bigger butt by surgical procedureIf you’ve tried everything and nothing is working for you, then it should be the time to consider some surgical butt procedures that will help you get what you’ve wanted to achieve. These procedures should be used as a last minute resort and not the first idea to apply. You can go through some butt injections, or fillers, and even implants, these techniques gaining a lot of popularity across the years but with variable and mixed results.

These enhancement procedures are not always durable and the cases will vary from patient to patient. Some worst cases have led to medical difficulties or in other cases people actually died because of the toxic injections administered to them and because of some implants that were done improperly.

Before getting an enhancement procedure, it will be wise to be informed of all the possible and probable consequences which might appear during the surgical procedure or afterwards.

You’re one step closer if you start early and see what helps you or not. Don’t forget to relax and have the time for your own, while doing what’s best for you.