Learn How to Make Your Hips Wider

getting wider hipsEvery single woman wants to wear a dress in which she looks great. The physical appearance of a woman will stand in her desires to get it and then improve it. For example, if you have a favorite artist or singer, someone who you really like and you want to resemble him or her, then you’ll search for those methods that will point in that direction. Or if you want to get wider hips, you’ll inform yourself on the possibilities and options to have more curvaceous hips.

There are plenty of advices on how to have a look like that.The only difference is that you choose which one is much more suitable. For example, you can take some hours on your day to perform some routine exercises that will target and focus the hips.

The essence of having this regime is that you’ll be more flexible. An option would be to try some yoga; this will allow you to build muscles and at the same time to learn to relax your body and prepare it for the next stage as mentioned earlier, gaining flexibility. Techniques such as the Cow Face, the Pigeon, the Frog and many others will grant you a look of wider hips.

Bigger Hips with Exercices

An exercise routine is always good when the whole purpose of your exercises is to reach the goal that you want. Exercises that involve dumbbells will give you a straight muscle building, but at the same time will work out various muscles including those that can be found in the areas of your hips for increasing the width.

It will be for the best if you choose to make those exercise drills which will involve different parts of your body for your muscle building, rather than only doing exercises for the area of your hips. You can start with various sessions according to each exercise and follow in the time frame of each. You could be asked at some point to repeat those ten or twelve times on each leg and on a basic interval of four to five weeks.

Some great and yet easy exercises to follow involve lunge positions. Your exercise will start by having your toes out slightly while your feet are two feet apart from each other don’t forget to hold the dumbbells as well in your hands. Then you should bend your right knee and form a lunge position by coming down. Your left knee will be then straight, now you can come down to the ground until your thigh reaches it.

The next step includes your hips, and by using their power,you should try to push yourself back where you were at the beginning but maintain the two feet distance. After you’ve followed this drill you can now reverse and try to lunge down on the other side, the left side this time.

Repeat the drill by using a 90 degrees angle and then return to the initial position. Yet again make sure to keep the right distance and straighten your legs. By doing so, you’ll avoid unexpected situations or small accidents but at the same time your knees will be protected.

Of course that in your hands you also have two dumbbells that will have to be used wisely. If your lunge down is to the right then the dumbbell that is on your right hand should stay on the outside of your right hip and the other that is in your left hand should be in front of you and down between your legs. The same plan has to be repeated when you inverse the lunge position on the left, then the dumbbells that are in your right hand will be the ones standing down in between your feet.

So this drill is quite easy and very used by many women who want to have a look of their hips being wider. If you think that you want a more professional opinion, then you can go to a gym and get yourself a personal trainer who will help you achieve your goal. Or after you managed to understand and apply the exercise regime, you can start by having sessions at your house or even watch some videotapes that will teach you how to do proper exercises.

If you are an active person then you should know that giving up is not a solution if you desire and want to get something. So start with a positive attitude and alternate your routine exercise – that way you won’t get bored with only one exercise and you’ll make it all more exciting and interesting. Have fun while doing so and the time passes by more quickly than you could imagine it would.

There are other solutions to put to the test as well. For example, you can spend much more time staying on your buttocks. It can be a relaxing time and you’ll get what you wanted without sweating yourself, although living a healthy life style can be much more recommended. The decision is all yours to take.

Some studies attest that sitting more will determine the pressure that is put on your hips and of course your buttocks to lead you to an increase of fat building in those areas. In no time by too much sitting you’ll influence the cells to adapt to the environment pressure. With other words you’ll have a fast rate of gaining you a look of wider hips.

Other Methods to Get Wider Hips

Another tip you can use and go by to have wider hips is informing on those creams that will enhance the chances of repairing the lost elastin and collagen. The various techniques and methods that are so well described on the market through using enhancement creams are meant to lead to an increasing in the muscular generation mass around your hips. So, you won’t really know until you try to find out.

Yet other natural methods to get bigger hips can be found such as giving birth. During your pregnancy, your body experiments a lot of changes including wider hips. The purpose of your hips getting widen is that it will allow you to give birth.

There are cases and cases in some women that have given birth in time, and have returned to their initial physical appearance, others had their hips getting wider as a permanent cause of their pregnancy this leading to their desired physique.

If you are not yet ready to become a mother, then there is the option of having surgery. If you are not afraid to go under the knife and you’ll have the necessary resources then make some time to investigate what these procedures of having your hips wider are all about.

One of the procedures will involve having some fat removed from various areas of your body and then by the process of liposuction have it transferred to your hips the other is all about implants on the area of your hips with some silicone slices. This process is meant to give a more curvaceous appearance.

After doing so, if you have money and time, the final result is obvious. If instead you can’t afford it and your time is very precious to you, then in that case other methods can be used. You should know though that your body will change in time and with your age some modifications come as well. The truth lies that when we age the pelvis grows. As we age the distance and the diameter of the hip bones increase.

Going back to the earlier statement another natural method to use this time will involve padding your hips, obtained usually by getting some hip enhancing briefs. The best in this case that will lead to a figure of having wider hips are the silicone hip pads. Just keep in mind that this new look will assume that you won’t fit anymore in your old favorite jeans or trousers, so some shopping will be required.

You can hold your pads into an undergarment that is usually made of woven microfiber or even a pair of tights. This is a much quicker solution to what you need. But the pads are not the only solution what you are wearing influences as well your body appearance. You can put on you some dresses that will totally emphasize your hips and with the accent put on those parts you’ll allow the illusion of fullness in those areas of your body.

Usually pants that can be found on the market that are on lighter colors will accentuate your hips a lot. You can as well buy those kinds of shirts with multiple layers that will add more width to your hips, the methods are many – you just have to look and get some accurate information about what you should wear or not.

Besides the clothes and their colors that will stand in your behalf of having a more curvaceous figure,another tip is to review your posture a little more. Your body will allow you to give the look of wider hips if you’ll perform when you stand in an S shape. How this works? Well it’s simple: your back should be straight and your shoulders dropped,then all your weight put it on one leg, and your hips will thrust out.

If for instance you are sitting, then in this case the S shape will be formed when you cross your legs and then put all your weight on just one hip. Trust me: your hips will then be very noticeable. But this is not all.

When you are walking, try to swing your hips. This will draw the required attention to that area of your body and you’ll get a more feminine look, not to mention that you’ll transmit it as well. The exercise drill in this case is quite easy,as well as in the former S shape your back should be straight and your shoulders should be down and back.

While doing so, try to make it all more natural by relaxing your body and put one foot in front of the other while you are walking. Your arms should be relaxed as well and not stiff – this will allow you the natural look that is meant to be for every woman who walks on the street. You can then bring some emphasize while you are swinging the hips.

But try not to exaggerate with all as you might look too comical and the essence is to obtain what you wanted. The effect of this exercise can be enhanced by putting on a pair of heels and you can then sway with no problems, since the heels have already made the job for you. The movement will not look now as too forced and you can enjoy your walk.

If you haven’t got the swing quite correctly yet,then you can practice at home and ask a close family member to watch you as you walk across the room. It will make the difference and you’ll feel much more confident and you won’t embarrass yourself.

Like in many other circumstances, your body is influenced as well according to what you are eating. You can stimulate your body to act in a way that you want or even to gain weight or lose weight by following some diet or a specific regime.

What will help you in the case of having wider hips is the element of carbohydrates and proteins, both important in this process. You should eat as well soy, tofu which is high on phytoestrogens. At the same time, avoid eating junk foods or chips. The carbohydrates that are recommended involve pastas and breads and it will help you have a dose of energy to use in your routine exercises. The proteins will lead to build your muscle mass.

The physical appearance is important since many women feel more confident and good in their own skins when they look better. If your dream is having wider hips, then these tips will help you to find the exercises that are suitable for you. You will also be able to find the regimes that will lead you to have what you wanted.